Eclairage porte d"entree Viganella

Homeright Nouveaux produits

The Viganella awning light, with its high brightness, is specially designed for lighting up the entrance of camper vans from type Fiat Ducato. The Viganella awning light has a double function as it also functions as a rain gutter. It keeps the rain from getting in through the sliding doors and when the doors are open it transports the rain from the roof to the sides of the opened doors.

Diffused lighting, no LED points
Watertight connection for the wiring

Numéro de l'article4302530

Prix€ 84,95


Tension d'alimentation 12V DC

Sortie 10W

Couleur de la lumière 4000K

Luminosité dans la lumière 450 lumen

Couleur Gris

Matériel aluminium

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