Campio éclairage d'appoint noir

Homeright Nouveaux produits Saison 2023

Mini recessed spot for safe navigation in the vehicle.

The Campio mini recessed spot is the perfect solution for illuminating the areas where people walk, from below. This makes it easier and safer to move from one area to another in the evening and at night. Campio can also be used to create a starry sky.

So Campio can be used for at least 2 purposes. When it is used to illuminate the movement areas, Campio can be incorporated in the wall under the lower cabinets, in the wall under the seating area, in the side walls of the entrance or in the skirting boards.
For a starry sky, a beautiful pattern can be designed in the ceiling.
The light intensity can also be adjusted with an external dimmer.

The Campio mini recessed spot has a small recessed diameter of 13 mm and a height of 14 mm and comes with 30 cm wiring for the 12V connection.
The mini spot is self-clamping, so easy to install.

Product alternative
We have a wide range of lighting products. For this we refer you to the category "Lighting". 

Available in stores from February 2023.

Numéro de l'article4303746Z


Tension d'alimentation 12V DC

Produit de diamètre 1.8cm

La consommation d'énergie 0.3W

Produit de la hauteur 1.5cm

Couleur Noir

Couleur de la lumière 3000K

Luminosité dans la lumière 50 lumen

Le montage d'un diamètre 1.3cm

Hauteur d'installation 1.4cm

Dispositif de sécurité IP21

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